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Metal Decking Components

CODEME Engineering SA was founded in 1980 and have been are one of the largest Tekla users in Brazil. They have extensive knowledge of Tekla on the steel side but wished to also use Tekla for other areas of their work, such as the metal decking they also design, detail and supply.

Using the Custom Component feature of Tekla they could build the components they needed, they had the option to build the components themselves, but to speed up the process they decided to sub let the work out to DM-BIM-Consulting.

DM-BIM-Consulting created a set of decking components, decking profiles and a drawing template to Codeme’s specifications.

Using these components Codeme were able to quickly model the decking and create the decking drawings with the correct information reported in the style they were used to seeing.  

AL_End.png CD_Detail.png SA_Con.png AL_Detail.png AD_Detail.png Template.png