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Tower Components

Established in 1974 ELEKTROSERVISI are one of the leading producers of Transmission

Towers in Slovenia. They produce not only towers but a variety of structural and electrical metal projects.


Elektroservisi purchased Tekla Structures in 2009 with the idea to replace the traditional 2D methods with a 3D model in order to speed up the projects and also to reduce the errors.

After making a few towers in Tekla they found that they were able to complete the projects and create error free CNC data, however they also saw great potential to speed the whole process up and make it much more user friendly using the customisability of Tekla Structures.

Using the Custom Component feature of Tekla they could build the components they needed, they had the option to build the components themselves, but to speed up the process they decided to sub let the work out to DM-BIM-CONSULTING.

Without the special dedicated components we needed 10 Days to model and produce the fabrication information for a typical 2x1 10kV tower however using these components we can now model it in 4 Days.

These special dedicated components have a simple interface which makes them easy to use

and learn (beginners can use immediately).

Typical settings are read from data files which we can maintain to company standards


Our move to 3D was a success, in large part due to the contributions from the team of DM-BIMConsulting,

and we are looking forward to corporate with the company in the future.”

Mr Matej Janic - Production Manager

Kicker Components

Trimble Point Components

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