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Metal Framing Components

LASCO Acoustics and Drywall Inc are a company based out of Dallas Texas, they have been using Tekla as their BIM tool since 2010. Tekla was purchases as a tool to model their metal framing and to interface with the other trades in the project. Using Tekla they could model what was needed but were a little too slow as they lack a set of metal framing tools

Using the Custom Component feature of Tekla they could build the components they needed, they had the option to build the components themselves, but to speed up the process they decided to sub contract the work out to DM-BIM-Consulting.

DM-BIM-Consulting created a set of components to LASCO’s specifications:

Panel component

Window Component

Door Component

Soffit Component

Furring Panel

Shaft Wall Panel

Infill Panel

Ceiling Tool

Catalog.png Panel.png Window.png Ceiling.png

(Video linked from the Official Tekla Structures YouTube Channel)