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Metframe Components

P.A.W. Structures Ltd Ltd was founded in 2001. Today PAW is one of the three approved suppliers of the Metframe System from Metsec plc and is established as one of the UK’s leading panelised light gauge steel framing companies.

Originally the Metframe system was only able to be effectively modelled with standard macros using the Strucad 3-D modelling software by Metsec’s in house drawing office. Following the establishment of PAW’s own design and drawing office department in 2010 the design and detailing of PAW’s projects was transferred to PAW’s own in-house team, using the Strucad 3-D modelling system. However, as PAW sought to expand its in-house capability the benefits of being able to model projects in both Strucad and Tekla became increasingly apparent.

Rather than waiting for Metsec and Tekla to come to an agreement to develop the system in a Tekla format they turned instead to DM-BIM Consulting.”

The first set of components was delivered one month after the initial order and P.A.W. Structures Ltd could start to model projects in Tekla. Over the next year the components were refined and added to until a complete system was in use.

P.A.W. Structures Ltd tools now include

Alll panel types



Corner Connections

End Connections

Mid Connections

Step Connections

SHS Connections

Panel to Slab Rebar Connections

Brick Ties

Panel Bracing's

A specialized drawing tool to create the drawings style they require.

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