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Various Components

Force Engineering Group Inc is a company based in BC Canada, they have considerable experience with Tekla Structures but found that they were spending too much time to create certain products in the model.

They knew that by using the Custom Component feature of Tekla they could build the components they needed, however to speed up the process they decided to sub let the work out to DM-BIM-CONSULTING.

The first item needed was a pile component. Originally the piles were being modelled as separate items, reinforced using a Tekla Component and any dowels added manually. This was quite a laborious process especially when the model had many variations in pile sizes.

We wrapped all of these items into one component for easy input. The component contains all variations of piles needed, all of which can be modified through the simple to understand interface.

The component also adds the required information to user attributes for simple reporting.

The next project was a set of sandwich panel tools, the main panel (reveal, base details and connection options included), Panel Opening (infill option included), Panel Waffle detail.

“DM-BIM-Consulting has been an invaluable to aid our firm, helping to take our modelling to the next level.  Initially, we requested a few custom components that were more complex than we could create in a reasonable timeline.  Several general custom components were created in a fraction of the time it would have taken us.  These new custom components will save us time and money in the future.  In addition DM-BIM-Consulting also provided a significant amount of CC training during our meetings.  This additional training has made it possible for us to create our own complex custom components in a timely manner.   We recommend DM-BIM-Consulting and will be using their services again in the future whenever the need arises without hesitation.”  - Brad Shipton, PEng., Force Engineering Group Inc.

Pile_Model.png Pile.png Sand_panel.png Sand_catalog.png Sand_panel_Opening.png Waffle_Detail.png